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"With nothing but his hands, feet and a lot of attitude, he turned the little guy into a tough guy." -- Time
In 1959 a short, skinny, bespectacled 18-year-old kid from Hong Kong traveled to America and declared himself to be John Wayne, James Dean, Charles Atlas and the guy who kicked your butt in junior high. In an America where the Chinese were still stereotyped as meek house servants and railroad workers, Bruce Lee was all steely sinew, threatening stare and cocky, pointed finger--a Clark Kent who didn't need to change outfits. He was the redeemer, not only for the Chinese but for all the geeks and dorks and pimpled teenage masses that washed up at the theaters to see his action movies. He was David, with spin-kicks and flying leaps more captivating than any slingshot.
As an exceptional martial artist, Lee's ability to synthesize various national martial techniques sparked a new trend in unarmed combat martial arts films. His talent shifted the focus from martial arts director to martial arts actor.
Since 1973, the year Bruce Lee died and his famous motion picture
Enter the Dragon was released, movies have been the single most influential factor behind the growing popularity of martial arts. Lee's cinematic success spawned a global industry of the martial arts, and schools opened and flourished worldwide. During the 1970s more students took up the study of martial arts than at any time before or since. To those involved in martial arts, the years from 1972 to 1975 the height of Lee's popularity are often cited as the Bruce Lee era.

Bruce Lee's Hollywood Movies
These are the five movies that Bruce Lee made in Hollywood before his tragic death.
Now you can get all of
Bruce Lee - The Master Collection (Fists of Fury / The Chinese Connection / Return of the Dragon / Game of Death / The Legend) on one DVD.
Released 1971 - Approx. 101 minStarring Bruce Lee, Maria Yi, James Tien , Nora Maio,Tony Liu and Han Ying ChiehDirected by Lo Wei
Featuring: The lightening kicks of Bruce Lee on screen for the first time.
The setting is in Bangkok, Thailand. Before Bruce left China to Thailand, he promised his mom that he won't get in any fights and troubles. Strangely, some workers from the ice factory where Bruce works, vaporized. To find out what's going on, Bruce goes to see the boss; thus, realizing that the boss is involved in this event. Then, Bruce starts a fierce battle with the boss and the gangs.
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Released 1972 - Approx. 107 minsStarring: Bruce Lee, Nora Miao Ker Hsiu, C H wong, Y C Han, James Tien, Robert BakerDirected by Lo Wei
Featuring: The 2 scenes that Bruce goes to challenge the Japanese martial art school
Setting: In the early 1900's, Shanghai, China.
Story: Teacher Fok died in a sudden. Bruce Lee as Chan Chen,came back to Shanghai for his teacher's funeral. During the funeral, some Japanese came and pissed off Bruce's group as "Sick men of Asia". That's why Bruce challenged the Japanese martial art school. Later on, Bruce found out that his teacher was poisoned to death by a Japanese undercover from the Jap martial art school. Finally, Bruce took his revenge and killed all the god damn Japanese, as a result of devoting his life to preserve the JING WU SCHOOL.
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Released 1973 - Approx. 99 minsStarring: Bruce lee, Shih Kien, John Saxon, Ahna Capri, Bob Wall and Bolo YeungDirected by Robert Clouse
Featuring: Bruce, the first time as the main character in Hollywood films
Story: Shaolin student Bruce was asked to cooperate with the FBI to investigate on a drug island controlled by Shih Kein. Unfortuneately, Bruce was captured as he's doing his spying. One thing for sure, Bruce is mightier than Shih. Finally, Bruce and Shih have a great fight at the end of the film and the FBI came to bust up the operation.
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Released 1973 - Approx. 88 minutesStarring: Bruce Lee, Chuch Norris, Nora Miao Ker HsiuDirected by: Bruce Lee
Featuring: Fight with Chuck Noris
Bruce Lee wrote and directed Return of the Dragon, his third film, a mix of hard-edged kung fu and goofy humor. Once again he plays the country boy who travels to a foreign land, in this case Italy, where his restaurant-owning cousins face trouble from the local syndicate. Their strong-arm tactics have driven customers away and now threaten the family, but Lee refuses to buckle under their pressure and takes them on in a series of impressive confrontations. The film ends with a memorable showdown with world-champion karate artist Chuck Norris in the Roman Colosseum (though much of it is staged in a rather cheap studio set), a brutal, almost inhuman battle that revels in the intense punishment taken by the combatants.
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Released 1978 - Approx. 95 minsStarring: Bruce Lee, Gig Young, Dan Inosanto, Kareem Abdul Jabaar, Dean Jagger,Colleen Camp and Hugh O'BrianDirected by Robert Clouse
Featuring: Bruce VS Dan Inosanto & Kareem Abdul Jabaar
Bruce Lee died after shooting only a few scenes of his ambitious Game of Death, but that didn't stop greedy producers from finishing and releasing "Lee's last film," even if he's doubled for most of it. Lee planned an ambitious expression of his fighting philosophy, and his story culminates in the rigorous challenge of the "Game of Death," in which combatants take on successively greater and greater masters as they fight their way to the top of a tower..
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Bruce Lee also starred in these other films and documentatries.

Green Hornet:
Green Hornet - Pilot and Promos
Bruce Lee in Green Hornet I - "The Green Hornet" (Asian re-mix)
Bruce Lee in Green Hornet II - "Fury Of The Dragon" (Asian re-mix)
Green Hornet Strikes Again
Green Hornet #1 (episodes 01-04)
Green Hornet #2 (episodes 05-08)
Green Hornet #3 (episodes 09-12)
Green Hornet #4 (episodes 13-16)
Green Hornet #5 (episodes 17-20)
Green Hornet #6 (episodes 21-24)
Green Hornet #7 (episodes 25-26 + Batman "Piece Of The Action" I & II)
(All Green Hornet episodes are commercial free)
Bruce Lee - A Warrior's Journey (2002 documentary)
"Bruce Lee - The Legend" (1984 documentary)
"The Green Hornet Tape" (featuring 3 episodes, Batman clip, interviews (Van Williams on Entertainment Tonight) and 3 trailers + Bruce Lee's screen test)
"Bruce Lee - The Beginning" (first screen test, + featured appearances in four Green Hornet TV shows)
A&E Original Biography + "Piece Of The Action" (Batman & Robin vs. The Green Hornet)
"Bruce Lee - The Curse Of The Dragon" (fight scenes, interviews, Brandon, home movies, tournament, and funeral footage)
"Bruce Lee's Biography - The Man, The Myth" (An action-filled kung fu movie telling the story of Bruce Lee)
"The Real Bruce Lee" (includes rare footage from: "The Little Dragon", "The Bad Boy", "Carnival", and "Orphan Sam")
Longstreet - "Way Of The Intercepting Fist" (pilot)
Bruce and Brandon Lee Compilation I (E! News Update and Los Angeles Eyewitness News report on Brandon's death, "Dragon" opening, Bruce's Star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, behind the scenes footage with Bob Wall, and Fred Weintraub, E! News Week In Review, Hard Copy "The Curse Of The Crow" exclusive home video from the movie set)
Bruce and Brandon Lee compilation II ("Crime Wave", "The Ray Is For Killing", Batman clip, Black Beauty profile, Van Williams "Where Are They Now?", Green Hornet trailers, "Marlowe" clips, behind the scenes "Enter The Dragon", childhood movie clips "Kid Cheung", "The Bad Boy", "Carnival", and "Orphan Sam", funeral footage, clip from "The Tennant", FX clip, E! Entertainment report on Brandon's death "Haunted Hollywood")
A&E Biography (updated) + Unsolved Mysteries (Bruce and Brandon's deaths)
"Fist Of Bruce Lee" starring Bruce Lee (1978)
"Bruce and Dragon Fist" starring Bruce Le (1979)

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Um dis term has been great and i'll just lyk 2 take dis chance 2 thank pa dis is da shiz and ive learnt heaps of maori and fenton has been anoying but alguds. um i lyke da way pa teachez us bowt maori but not da way he explains stuff its confusing e.g verbs? adjectives? um i know dis aint english but can u teach us betta.

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